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Police officers and officials in other government agencies have important and sometimes dangerous aspects to their jobs, but there is a long trail of proof that law enforcement officers and government agencies sometimes abuse their power and infringe on the civil rights of ordinary citizens. If you think your rights may have been violated, it’s important to discuss your situation with an attorney in order to hold the offending officers accountable.At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], we will help you assert your civil rights and remain free from police profiling and harassment.

Zero Tolerance For Police Misconduct

Civil rights violations can take many forms, including:

  • False arrest and false imprisonment: Officers must at least identify a probable cause in order to make an arrest or otherwise detain someone; a warrant also permits arrests and imprisonment. But the “probable cause” standard can be stretched to justify unnecessary and improper arrests. We can help you identify and respond to such behavior.
  • Malicious prosecution: The Fourteenth Amendment prevents the government from depriving citizens of “life, liberty, or property.” When a law enforcement officer detains you without probable cause — depriving you of your liberty — this is considered a form of malicious prosecution.
  • Excessive force: As the country has seen all too often on video in recent years, police can use aggressive physical tactics when making arrests, even when these tactics are not required.
  • Failure to intervene: If one officer violates a citizen’s rights and another officer witnesses that violation while doing nothing to stop it, then both officers are implicated in the violation.

Experience Dealing With Immunity Issues

Oftentimes with civil rights cases, plaintiffs run into immunity issues that present a level of complexity most people aren’t equipped to handle on their own. Our civil rights attorney has extensive experience handling immunity issues — including 1983 and 1985 cases — with skill, tenacity and professional acumen.

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